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RE: EDP Feedback and Volume Pedal

At 02:26 PM 4/16/2006, William Walker wrote:
>Funny you should mention that, I'm a couple of months in to the EDP, and 
>of the things I'm enjoying most Is the expression control of feedback, not
>that the Repeater can't do this, Its just that I haven't really delved in 
>the possibilities of what it can do is, until I started using an EDP.

Ah great! Dynamic feedback control is a great looping technique. I can't 
wait to hear what you do with this. Be sure to try out the different 
interface modes. They subtly change the way the feedback pedal works, and 
can be really interesting. (or not subtly sometimes!)

>As far as your EB volume pedal is concerned,
>if its a older one, you might try changing the potentiometer to something
>with a linear taper, the standard EB pedal is designed with guitars in 
>and its audio taper has more of a swell at the end of the throw, ( the 
>ones have a little dip switch  on the housing of the components that will
>give you a smoother response.) I'd e-mail EB and ask them.

I seem to recall someone posted an Ernie Ball model that worked well with 
the EDP. Check the archives. The Boss FV-50L works well.


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