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Re: solid state recorders

 >> Henry Heine <henry@bagend.com> wrote:

 >> I've had the Marantz PMD660 since July 2005, and it works ok, BUT:
 >> The on board mics sound good, but it's very sensitive and there is 
no pad and no limiter. Unuseable for live music recording, at least the 
kind of SPLs that I play.

 >> The xlr mic inputs are nice, but no pads and no limiter. arrgghhhh. 
See above.

Just received mine, and haven't tried recording a rehearsal yet.  When 
you turn off the automatic level control there is indeed a -20 db pad 
setting for the external mic and the volume control for the built in 
mics seems to attenuate pretty well.  Could there be different firmware 
versions on our two units?

I may have a better perspective later in the week...

Dan Ash
White Plains, NY