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re: Scary Situations

I too had an experience with a local musician known as Black Diamond.  He is a local guy who sings Neil Diamond songs and he is black.  He's done fairly well locally and was trying to make it national last I heard but the guy would come in on a gig and ask to sing one song.  It wasn't our show but the audience seemed to like one or two but the guy would not get off the stage once he got on and at some point even the audience would turn.  The first time he did this with us we allowed one song, seem to go over, the second time two or three,  the last time I had to ask him to leave as the audience started booing ND songs....  It's is defintely a bad situation that a band leader needs to keep under control.  I had a similar experience letting people come up and sit in with the band.  I learned to stop doing that....


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