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Marantz PMD660 -was: solid state recorders

Right! There are 20 dB pads, but they seem to be AFTER the mic pre!
You'll see what I mean: It allows you to reduce the level of the fully
distorted track.

This thing needs analog pads right in front of the mic pre. duh!

Tell me what you think after you've tried it a few times.


>  >> The xlr mic inputs are nice, but no pads and no limiter. arrgghhhh.
> See above.
> Just received mine, and haven't tried recording a rehearsal yet.  When
> you turn off the automatic level control there is indeed a -20 db pad
> setting for the external mic and the volume control for the built in
> mics seems to attenuate pretty well.  Could there be different firmware
> versions on our two units?
> I may have a better perspective later in the week...
> Dan Ash
> White Plains, NY