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Re: feedback/features/new loopers...

Okay, I think you have a valid point here that makes sense to me. This 
that in this group we shouldn't really be complaining that companies like
Boss, Line 5, etc are not using our desired, practical or ideal feature
set...thay have their own reasons for using the features they do (I have to
agree with you that the marketing/sales/R&D teams aren't total dolts, but 
know what they are doing and have some rationale behind what they do,
although one might might argue that a feedback nob is not asking for a
custom feature).  If I understand you correctly, that would be like asking
Fender to make a custom made Korean Strat for you, and charge only < $500.
We need more "gear" luthiers, if I may use that phrase, like Bob, who are
willing to make a variety of custom made units that satisfy multiple pro
style looers. I hope I summarized your point effectively. Now we are 
thousands of dollars, however, like what the preamps that Walter Woods 
for guitarists and bass playes. They ARE expensnsive. The echoplexes don't
even see in that range, given that you see major retailers like MF selling
them. Maybe we're talking about a mid-point between consumer gear and high
end custom pro gear with a looping unit.


> Kris Hartung wrote:
> > I mean, 400 loopers on
> > LD may have a different perspective on what they want in a looping
> > than 10,000 kids round the world. Which has the most potential for
> This is the point for a big company, they want to sell 10,000 units and
> not just 400. To show a looper device to one of the 400, you need
> experts as sales persons, which do not exist. To explain a complicated
> instrument to one of the 10,000 will drive most of the potential
> customers to the more simplistic competition.
> The only problem for the big companies is that the big names (musicians)
> have other needs than the 10,000 would understand...
> I once asked for a fretless bass with individual outputs for each
> string. I heard that a famous musician was playing it. They explained to
> me its not available, it was a custom made version for that musician...
> We should compare Bob with a crafted guitar/bass maker who has a
> personal relationship with his customers, not with a mass market company
> like Ibanez.
> In the end there is no need to drive Boss to create the ultimate looper.
> An instrument is a very personal issue, and as long there are instrument
> builders you will find the one which could build it for you. We need
> more Bobs, not better marketing/R&D for big companies. (They are quite
> good already for what they do)
> When the first Jamman and Echoplex hit the market, almost the same day,
> I was playing both and was delighted, but in the end I did not buy them.
> Instead I started to make my own tools myself for my very personal needs
> and get more than I could have ever imagined.
> I never wanted to turn my personal instrument into something to sell, it
> would have to be limited to fit more than just my needs and still keep
> it simple.
> Stefan
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