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Re: feedback/features/new loopers...

Yes, I agree!! Thus, the criticality of tightening up the process of
gathering good user and feature data from customers, which includes big
names, consumers, etc. That's what I'm saying here, but I didn't say that
big loopers coming from big name companies are lame...of course, now that I
look at it, I think I may have misinterpreted Ian's use of "loopers". I
thought he meant loopers as in people, big name loopers, not loopers as in
gear.   Given this, then I would suspect the methods by which these
companies gather their data needs improvement as well. Maybe they need to
take lessons from some of the bigger corporations who do successfully 
projects that meet customer needs. On the other hand, maybe they are 
their product design from a different set of users. I mean, 400 loopers on
LD may have a different perspective on what they want in a looping device
than 10,000 kids round the world. Which has the most potential for revenue?

It would be really interesting to talk to a product marketing person at a
company like Boss of Line 6, and pick their brain on how they do things, 
ask what basis they had for the features they chose in these products. I
think their stupid. I feel compelled to believe that they know what the
feature Feedback is, and there was a reason why they didn't incoporate it
into their product..either because of cost, inability to do so because of
they architecture, or becuase of what those 10,000 kids want.  They are
obviosly going to go with where the money is.


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> You might not have said it and you might not believe it, but that does
> to be the consensus of this list about a majority of the devices out
> At 2005.12.30 11:41 AM, Kris Hartung wrote:
> > > Why do you think the loopers
> > > coming from the big-name companies are so lame?
> >
> >I don't believe I said that, so you'll have to retract your statement.