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Re:feedback/features/new loopers...

 >>>What would be nice is if Bob had someone create a web-based  
survey of all
the available features on the LP1, first release, along with list of
possible features, and have us prioritize the entire list. In other  
let the potential buyer define the feature set.<<<

It's already there... it's called Looper's Delight. Bob's been a  
subscriber and poster here for years. his understanding of looping  
requirements is pretty well tied in with the nature of discussions  
here. the reason for having beta testers is to check whether the  
software works and to have people try out all the stuff that loopers  
are likely to want, most of it based on discussion on here. And also  
to have people to interact with on the process rather than spending  
all day every day fielding requests/complaints/demands from people  
who aren't a committed part of the project. the LD community can be  
pretty damn demanding when it comes to things like this, and Bob  
clearly has a limited amount of time to field this stuff given that  
it's just him (I don't work for Looperlative, I'm just doing the beta- 
testing, and am an endorsing artist of the box) - I'm sure Bob would  
have been answering all this himself, but he's off work on holiday at  
the moment... ...which means that all of this stuff is my thoughts,  
not official company policy. :o)

Oh, and there is a looperlative forum if you want to post questions/ 
comments/ideas already. If you have some feature that would been the  
deal breaker in you buying one, post it on the forum. I'm sure Bob  
knows about it already from here, but it can't hurt. ;o)


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