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Re: VG-88 and Roland GR-33 dissapearing rumors

At 9:38 AM -0800 12/25/05, David Coffin wrote:
>Yup; the 88 is NOT an added-features version of the 8; that was the 
>8ex; Roland did update the 8, and have also updated the 88, but they 
>remain very different implementations of the basic idea, with NO way 
>to exactly duplicate any of the synth (or other) sounds from one to 
>the other, altho in some cases you might come close, esp. with the 
>basic guitar sounds. There are a few nominally similar models in 
>each, but by the time you've added FX (VERY different FX on each 
>piece) or the pitch-shifting, they're chalk and cheese.

Thanks for clarifying that, David.  I'm now thinking that the 
original 8 (or, more correctly, an S-1 or EX) is really more in line 
with what I'm looking for.

>>Can you do the pedal crossfades you mentioned using a MIDI 
>>Controller, or do you have to use an external expression pedal (I'm 
>>assuming probably an EV-5)?
>Good question; I always use an EV, and haven't explored the MIDI 
>options. But they aren't too deep as I recall.

Just went through the MIDI Implementation Chart (p. 144) in the 
manual.  Yipes!  I didn't realize it would be quite so limited. 
Aside from SysEx, it only really deals with Bank Select and Program 
Change messages.

Well, I'm ending up with more & more stuff creeping onto the floor. 
I guess one more expression pedal ain't really gonna hurt nothin'.... 

>>Finally, can the original VG-8 do the polyphonic "slow gear" effect?
>Nope; that's an 88 trick.

Drat!  That's the one algorithm I was really hopeful for.  Oh well, 
I've got one of the WP-20g's with which I can do that effect.  I was 
just hoping I might be able to consolidate two devices into one.

>The "hum" problem is a nasty situation that can arise when linking 
>an 8 and an 88 with Roland's US-20 ABY switcher; this may have been 
>fixed in currently shipping versions, but I can't confirm.

Sounds like I may need to post that particular question to the Yahoo 
Group.  I'm also curious if that bug is peculiar to just using the 8 
& 88 used together, or if I might run into it using the VG-8 with the 
WP-20g.  Probably ought to instead consider the GKP-4 parallel box, 

>There's no question that the 88 has some very cool synth and FX 
>features, but if that's what you're going for, instead of a variax 
>in a box, get an 8ex. You won't regret it:) Even if there's an 888 
>at the next NAMM...

Thanks again for all the helpful advice!!!  :)


"No more building up; it is time to dissolve..."