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RE: VG-88 and Roland GR-33 dissapearing rumors

OK here is the partial skinny on Roland, direct from the source of a Roland
Rep I know. Roland has created an intirely separate division for their
guitar and VG products, and though current models are being fazed out, the
rep hinted that roland might finally be developing a pro grade guitar synth
possibly a rackmount device that actually has a good sound engine, 
that really hasn't been addressed yet. I have a GR30 which I prefer to the
GR33 as it has a programmable arpeggiator, though the sounds leave 
to be desired. I have owned and played Roland guitar synths since the early
eighties and I must say i appreciate them sticking by it when other
companies have come and gone, but I've also seen them go through this cycle
of putting out a hip model, only to dumb it down in subsequent variations.
Example: the vary deep archetecture of the Roland GM70 giving away to the
less proggrammable GR50, that , all though it had a sound engine, didn't
have nearly the proggramming depth that the GM70 did..
 Patience Please, I think something really cool might be just around the

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Hi Luis,

I don't use a GR-33 but a GR-1 and I'm very happy with it. It would be
sad if Roland's Guitar Synths would disappear, but if the GR-33
disappears there is still the GR-20, but this one is rather small and
not so suited for live use because it has only 2 pedals and it seems to
be optimized to esae-of-use rather than deep sound programming. And the
VG-Series is unique in my opnion, no other company offered something
similar to this yet (Line 6 Variax may go in the same direction, but it
lacks the amp section and you are limited to very few controller types
in form of guitars, while you can use almost any guitar for the VG8/VG88).


Luis Angulo schrieb:

>i am also curious how many of us in this
>list use them...