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RE: VG-88 and Roland GR-33 dissapearing rumors

At 11:25 AM -0800 12/24/05, William Walker wrote:
>OK here is the partial skinny on Roland, direct from the source of a 
>Rep I know. Roland has created an intirely separate division for their
>guitar and VG products, and though current models are being fazed out, the
>rep hinted that roland might finally be developing a pro grade guitar 
>possibly a rackmount device that actually has a good sound engine, 
>that really hasn't been addressed yet.
>  Patience Please, I think something really cool might be just around the


 From your discussions with the Roland rep, did you get an impression 
of how much the "something really cool" is going to incorporate 
Roland's Harmonic Restructuring technology (ala the VG's) as well as 
whether that technology may get notched up a level?  Conversely, is 
there a possibility where that path may be scrapped entirely in favor 
of the more traditional synth architecture, such as that in the 
GR-series synths.

I'm in the process of getting one of my Sticks retrofitted with the 
GK-3, and so I was recently considering shopping around for a VG-88. 
I'm much more interested in twisting sounds sideways with the 
Harmonic Restructuring than I am playing traditional synth sounds 
(i'll just grab the gk midi interface if I want to do that).

So now it seems I'm faced with either grabbing a VG-88 on blowout, or 
waiting for Roland's "next big thing" and hoping that will possibly 
do more of what I'm looking for.

Thanks again for all the intel!!!


"Behind every fear lies a wish, don't you think...?"