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Re: VG-88 and Roland GR-33 dissapearing rumors

At 1:38 PM -0800 12/24/05, David Coffin wrote:
>On Dec 24, 2005, at 1:13 PM, mech wrote:
>>I'm much more interested in twisting sounds sideways with the 
>>Harmonic Restructuring than I am playing traditional synth sounds
>But in the meantime, ANYone interested in HRM-COSM or general VG 
>synth-ing should understand how much more versatile the VG-8 is than 
>the 88. It all comes down to this: Per-string pitch-shifting is 
>GLOBAL on the 8, and NOT on the 88. Also, the 8 allows pedal 
>crossfading from shifted tones to unshifted; very musical: feedback 
>fading in, pedal-steel morphs, etc...


Really now?  Velly intellesting...

David, I actually checked out some of the demos of your patches 
posted over on www.vg-8.com.  Nice!  And I had assumed that any of 
the sounds produced by the VG-8 must *surely* be capable of being 
reproduced on the "more advanced" VG-88.  Obviously, I was mistaken 

Looks like I'm going to have to spend some time comparing the manuals 
between the VG-8 & VG-88.  I should probably take this over to 
private email (although that would deprive you of an opportunity to 
evangelize further :), but let me ask you a couple of simple 
questions while I've got your attention:

What Instrument Models (let's forget about the Amp and Effect Models 
for a second) are included on the newer VG-88 that you can't get on 
the original VG-8?  The General FAQ is somewhat incomplete in that 

The FAQ also claims the VG-88 has greater modulation capabilities. 
To what in particular is that referring (more waveforms? different 
modulation destinations?).

Can you do the pedal crossfades you mentioned using a MIDI 
Controller, or do you have to use an external expression pedal (I'm 
assuming probably an EV-5)?

Finally, can the original VG-8 do the polyphonic "slow gear" effect?

I've got the VG-8 manual downloading now, so mebbe I can pore through 
and figure out some of the answers myself.  However, based on your 
comments, it now sounds like the VG-8 may better fit what i'm trying 
to accomplish...



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