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RE: VG-88 and Roland GR-33 dissapearing rumors

 This has, I am guessing, been working for the whole VG/guitar
synth/technology industry for awhile. I am not sure if I believe it. I 
Godin if there were any dealers in my area who had a Multiac SA guitar, and
the answer was no. In fact, the only Godin dealer told me 'we don't sell
those, so we don't order them'...I asked him if he had any guitar synths
around so he was able to demo them, and he gave me the 'confused dog tilty
head' look, and said 'no, we can't sell them!' . Chicken/egg thing here. 
Godin themselves instructed me to order one from Musician's Friend to see 
I like it. I passed. 
I think these types of devices get sold to those who know what they are
looking for. But I think a lot more loopers might be sold if stores a. had
them or b. if the salesdudes knew how to demo them. I swear, I sold a dozen
DL4s and quite a few EDPs just by performing, with people coming up to me
and saying 'what is *that*??'. Guitar synth is a terrifying thing to the
average guitarist. I am amazed Roland stuck with it this long, actually.

Dave Eichenberger 

 ect: Re: VG-88 and Roland GR-33 dissapearing rumors
> Once I was in the market for a Godin Multiac-SA, with the 
> idea of using it for both amplified acoustic guitar and synth 
> sounds.  I went to the local Godin dealer, and they had no 
> acoustic guitar amps and no Roland synths.  I was somewhat 
> flabbergasted, and asked them how they proposed to sell them, 
> and they said they sold plenty as it was.
> TravisH