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RE: gratuitous nostalgia was: re: Looping in prehistory

fond indeed. We got to see so much great music back then, I feel lucky. 
the first Mahavishnu Orchestra Tour, and some of the early ECM stuff like
Eberhard Weber and Ralph Towner and John Abercrombie, those were mind
altering experiences to say the least.

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From: loop.pool [mailto:looppool@cruzio.com]
Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2005 3:11 AM
Subject: Re: gratuitous nostalgia was: re: Looping in prehistory

Here's a pic of that delay that Jaco used
I remember the face plate really well.


and yes, Bill,  he did send his bass flying across the stage on purpose.
I believe we were standing next to each other, no?

that's a fond memory.