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RE: Looping in prehistory

I had an echoplex for a while, and one of those green mxr analog delays,
sigh, if I only knew then what those things would be worth now. I know what
you mean about Jaco, the poor guy was mad as a hatter in mho, though I 
that aspect is well documented. I get the feeling that audience response 
like another drug to him, he couldn't get enough, but who knows what his
motivation was at times. My god, he could play the funkiest shit with out
ever once slapping or popping, in the traditional sense. He raised the bar.

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On Dec 20, 2005, at 23:41, Tim Nelson wrote:

> During Joni [Mitchell's] road show, Jaco was
> featured in a solo bass spot every night. Using the
> repeat function of an MXR Digital Delay, he would lay
> down an ostinato, loop it, and then play solo lines on
> top of the repeating riff.

I saw Whether Report back then and he did the same thing with them.
But I have always thought he was using tape, because myself I was
looping with a Roland Chorus Echo (Tape Delay with "Sound On Sound"
switch) in the seventies and at the WR gig I couldn't get close
enough to see what gear Jaco used. But that kind of "show man"
looping wasn't my interest anyway at that time. I was just thinking
he tried to act funny and pull a joke of people's admiration for his
playing abilities ;-)

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