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Re: gratuitous nostalgia was: re: Looping in prehistory

danz wrote:
"rack mount before 82...tools of the gods.
what were some of the first"rack mount"units?
it was all on the floor before the treaty with the greys..."

Funny you mention that.  I remember looking at that 1st rack mounted gear 
and thinking
"Wow, they are taking up so much space to do the same thing that 
can do"

Still, in a wierd fetishistic kind of way,  I thought that big blue MXR 
digital delay
was sexy as all git out.               It looked like the future and I , 
one, wanted to be
part of that future.

If, sitting in Union Grove, in 1982, I had ever dreamed of the kind of 
I would now own and
even take for granted; the incredibly sophisticated musical options that I 
would have at my immediate disposal
I wouldn't have believed it.

Hell,  I made an entire song (the whole friggin' band which to any kid 
Garage Band, ACid or Reason is
a no brainer) with a computer.............put it on the internet and was 
invited to perform it in Japan 30 minutes
later..................that's miraculous.

It's a good time to be alive as a musician (even if it's harder and harder 
to find places to play).

Watching Jaco loop those harmonics in an ostinato pattern it makes me 
how jazzed he would be today,
owning an EDP,  a Looperlative,  a Repeater,  a laptop with Augustus Loop 
Moebius or Ableton's Live.

What he would do with it all.   It's humbling, isn't it?