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Re: the perfect [sic] controller

numbernine@gmx.net wrote:
> It seems there are 3 types of buttons in all floorboards I have found
> on the net.
> A like mine (see above)
> B like the Behringer FCB1010
> C like eg. the RS10 

I have a Ground Control Pro which has switches like the RS10.  I think
they are quite noisy.  Very, very rugged which some people like, but they
make a "swish" noise as they are pressed, and if you step hard they
make a "clank" when they reach the bottom, and again when they return
to the top.

I also have the Behringer which is almost silent by comparison.  Sometimes
I get a very soft "chirp" but it seems to be caused by tension on the case
rather than the switch.  The only thing I don't like about it is the size.

I have not used one but the Rocktron MidiMate looks like it has buttons
similar to those on the EDP foot controller:


It is smaller than the Behringer, but not as flexible in sending MIDI