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Re: looperlative thoughts

On 16 dec 2005, at 09.37, simeon harris wrote:

>>> anybody think of some other controllers that might do a good job?
>> I'm thinking the Faderfox LV-1 ( http://www.faderfox.de ) would  
>> make a nice compact desktop control unit -- eight faders, plus  
>> plenty of knobs & switches, crossfader, joystick controller, etc.
> nice one!
> now what could i use the joystick for...?!

I have a Faderfox LV-1 and I always use it when playing live (with a  
looping context). Since I started using Möbius very often I also got  
interested in picking up the other module, the one with buttons only,  
but it's sold out. Says something about the popularity of these  

I can't imagine what to use the joystick for with a Looperlative, but  
I'm gladly using it here with beat synced LFO filtering. The Tremolo  
plug-in of Live5 is one example; mapping depth to the X-axis and  
tempo division to the Y-axis. I also plan to use that joystick for my  
external hardware analog filter bank (AKAI MFC42) but this calls for  
real-time MIDI conversion software (Logic, Max) because you can not  
rearrange the MIDI control bindings of the AKAI filter. In general,  
anything you use with two main parameters is cool with the joys- 
stick. Oh, I almost forgot... that joystick comes in very handy with  
anything done in Numerolgoy. I just wish I had three of them (LV-1)

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
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www.boysen.se (Swedish)
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