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Re[2]: the perfect [sic] controller

I would like to know how much noise different foot controllers make.

I sometimes play small concerts at an acoustic volume level and my
Nobels controller is too noisy for me.

...even though I have put some rubber underneath the buttons and damped the
metal housing with rubber.

It seems most of the floorbords are built for guitar players (does
this mean they are built for a guitar player next to a bass player
next to a drummer on a huge stage?)

It seems there are 3 types of buttons in all floorboards I have found
on the net.
A like mine (see above)
B like the Behringer FCB1010
C like eg. the RS10 

Did anybody compare the clicking noises of the buttons yet?

I really like the guitar rig2 controller:

but they replied to my inquiry that they use a proprietary protocol to
control their Guitar rig2 software and it is not planned to add
MIDI functionality so the board could be used as a standalone MIDI
controller. bummer.

I am thinking about building a controller of my own but also Brian's
offer sounds interesting.

Matthias (L)