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Re: the perfect [sic] controller

I've got a MIDIMate, and it uses different buttons.  They are pretty
much silent, but don't provide the same positive tactile feedback that
the EDP mouser switches do.

Personally, I dislike the Behringer switches because the depress force
required is too heavy for my taste.  I like something I can tap with
very little effort.

My top request would be far more than ten buttons--at least fifteen,
even twenty.  And a programmable LCD above each one so I can keep
track of what they do.


On 12/16/05, Jeff Larson <Jeffrey.Larson@sun.com> wrote:
> I also have the Behringer which is almost silent by comparison.  
> I get a very soft "chirp" but it seems to be caused by tension on the 
> rather than the switch.  The only thing I don't like about it is the 
> I have not used one but the Rocktron MidiMate looks like it has buttons
> similar to those on the EDP foot controller:
>    http://www.rocktron.com
> It is smaller than the Behringer, but not as flexible in sending MIDI 
> Jeff