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OT: Recording workshop Spam. Terry Bozzio

I am working on my new album and part of it is a series of guitar loop and drum/percussion based works I am doing with drummer Terry Bozzio.

I also run a series of recording education workshops called Home Recording Boot Camp, and Terry has agreed to help me out with one of those before we start recording together. So my 5 day recording workshop in Los Angeles January 23 -27 (just after NAMM) will feature a full day of working in the studio with Terry Bozzio experimenting with micing his legendary giant drum kit.


I hope this is not too bad of spam for this list, just thought it might be interesting to any recording geeks here.

Ronan Chris Murphy
www.venetowest.com (Production & mixing: King Crimson, Chucho Valdes, Steve Morse, Terry Bozzio, CGT...)
www.homerecordingbootcamp.com (Workshops around the world teaching the art and craft of recording )
www.livesofthesaints.net (The hottest ambient noise duo since Sonny & Cher)