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RE: the perfect [sic] controller

Brian Cass wrote,

> If the loopers collectively could agree on a specific optimum 
> design for a controller, I could look into making runs of at 
> least 50 units, which would dramatically lower the price. 
> Potentially this could be done individually for the EDP, 
> RPTR, etc.. and perhaps someday the looperlative (fingers 
> crossed for you, it sounds cool so far, i will surely take it 
> for a spin at NAMM). Sort of like a 'Loopers-Delight 
> Edition". 

I'd love to have something that would be small and light (smaller and
lighter than the Behringer, possibly foldable or something) and that would
be custom made to especially control the EDP, including its more exotic

Now, as Brian wrote, if the midi gurus on this list (I don't belong to 
could try to develop and agree on a specification ... that would be just