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Re: Real-time category

Stefan Tiedje wrote:
 > RTOS or non-RTOS has nothing to do with latency, each RTOS will have
 > also some latency. But latency is no problem ever in a looper. A looper
 > is a delay.

Oh, I can assure you output latency is a problem in a looper, for the
same reasons it is a problem in a soft-synth.  But how important this is
depends on the functions the looper supports.  If you are just recording
a loop then dropping in overdubs it isn't a problem because you are
never making any sudden changes to the playback position.  But if you are
triggering pre-recorded loops at random, switching between reverse mode,
dropping in and out of mute mode, and other such functions that
EDP-style loopers support, you will have the same problems with output
latency as a soft-synth.

What I've noticed is that lot of software doesn't do latency compensation
"correctly" because when you run at ASIO latencies the errors are very
difficult to hear.  So there is the assumption that there is no problem.

Stop using ASIO for a few days and use MME instead with a 200ms latency.
You will notice it.