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Re: Real-time category

Jeff Larson wrote:
> Oh, I can assure you output latency is a problem in a looper, for the
> same reasons it is a problem in a soft-synth.

You are right here.

> What I've noticed is that lot of software doesn't do latency compensation
> "correctly" because when you run at ASIO latencies the errors are very
> difficult to hear.  So there is the assumption that there is no problem.
> Stop using ASIO for a few days and use MME instead with a 200ms latency.
> You will notice it.

I never use Asio, I use CoreAudio on a Mac I can go down to 16 samples 
I/O buffer... I assume any latency below 1 ms is not an issue.

Look at it in terms of time domain versus frequency domain. We have two 
different domains of the reception of sound. The switch between the two 
is around our lower frequency hearing range, 20 Hz or 50 ms. We can 
resolve a time structure down to this range, if the timestructure (or 
envelope) contains higher frequencies, we hear the same attack with a 
different sound.

The time a real world sound needs to evolve is limited. Especially if we 
play them with a Speaker. Any latency within this time is irrelevant. 
Its about 10 ms. Thats why most people usually feel comfortable with the 
256 sample latency of standard soundcard settings.
Look at a kick sound in an audio editor, you can define a starting point 
visually, but what we should think of is: where in the waveform do I 
hear the beat. Its probably somwhere else...
Even with zero latency we would have the same problems...

Listening is interpreting sound.
It involves knowledge and assumptions about the sound, and its not that 
difficult to fool the ear.



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