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RE: Real-time category

>      Not, do you play an instrument, rather, if we jammed
> together, would I come away from that experience saying to 
> myself, man, that Jeff is a Real Musician...
>      Perhaps answering this question may throw some light on
> the whole topic under consideration. 
> The way I see it, nobody except a musician really gives a 
> hoot as to whether or not a Looper has a RTOS.  I think Kim 
> has stated very well and quite clearly, that non real time 
> systems are quite fine and adequate for many uses and users.  
> Just not for musicians.
>      Stephen

I have stayed out of this discussion because, as someone who is developing 
sw looper, I am more than a little biased. However...

I had a whole screed written out replying to this - but let me just mostly
un-emotionalize it through summary.

Stephen, you haven't paraphrased Kim well, and you've added (as I hope you
see by now from the other responses) the very uncool implication that some
people here are "real musicians" and some aren't. Most people here make
sounds in their own way, almost by definition, and probably don't care much
to be defamed by an uninformed judgement on their choice of technology.

About the RTOS thing itself:

I have always taken Kim's prominent statement about real-time loopers to be
a bit on the self-serving side, but just let it go, because, well - he has 
right to it! He was and is a vital creator of one of the most important
(arguably, *the* most important) looping instruments ever made, and he 
this list in a gracious and "non-partisan" manner. He (and you, Stephen) 
entitled to your viewpoints. But no-one had better ever freaking imply that
I'm not a musician because I use a sw looper! Them's fightin' words.

Warren Sirota