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Re: Real-time category

I think I understand and agree with Kim's distinction between an RTOS 
hardware looper and looping software run
on a Mac or a PC and I take his point.

What I'm interested more in, quite frankly, is what are the practical 
distinctions from a musical standpoint between the
two paradigms?

If you use either one of these in front of an audience,  making your loops 
in real time, the only important factor from a musical
standpoint is how they differ in rhythmic feel while using them.

I've been a hardware person so far in my looping but have to confess that 
laptop driven software looping programs
have their decided appeal and I'm considering trying out a system that 

I wonder if we could hear, in particular, from people like Per Boysen and 
Matthias Grob.................people who have extensive,
real time performing experience with RTOS hardware and nonRTOS software 
on computers.

What are the practical and musical applications of these two paradigms,  
guys (and anyone else with this experience).

Also,  how reliable do you find connecting the two kinds of systems via 
in a real time musical performance?