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Re: flexible looper in small package

Jeff--thanks for chiming in.

To me, a big problem with the parallel loop concept is the UI. 
Keeping track of what's where and being able to smoothly switch
between the various "tracks" in an elegant manner is not a small
issue, and the more tracks in use, the harder it becomes.

I've had two EDP's in my live rack for some time now and from my
perspective the issues of juggling two linked boxes while I'm playing
an instrument which requires two hands and keeping the result
interesting for the audience can be a bit much.  If one was bringing
in pre-saved loops and not starting from a blank slate it might be
different, but I feel that moves too far into the "watch me remix
live" area of looping in which I'm not personally interested, but if I
was, the UI benefits of full-blown computer with a screen seems
undeniable.  Which again leaves the VST box out in the cold.

I'm always curious as to where they're being used (rackmount VST
hosts), since it seems that it makes more sense in the studio to use a
host computer, and I haven't seen them crop up in the gear lists of
working musicians.  Maybe in the electronic music world, which I don't
keep tabs on, but even then I'd think a laptop would be the tool of

I'm also curious as to how many people are using EDP pairs for stereo.
 For me it never seemed cost effective, since I was never that
attached to precise stereo imaging, so just stereoizing a loop with
reverb or a Vortex was fine by me.  On the other hand it was
worthwhile to have two EDP's so I could do a one button switch between
various parameter settings between songs to minimize dead air onstage,
so everyone's got their priorities.

On 8/27/05, Jeff Larson <Jeffrey.Larson@sun.com> wrote:

> Yes, if all you want to do is create non-overlapping monaural loops, and
> you don't have any other reason to invest in a VST host or a laptop,
> then Mobius makes no economic sense.
> If you want stereo loops, which apparently many do, then the fair
> comparison is against two brother sync'd EDPs which weigh in at $2K.
> If you want more than one parallel loop, as on the Repeater, then
> you're comparing against 4 EDPs, 8 if you want them in stereo.
> And if you want to explore Andre territory and do surround looping,
> you're looking at 5 EDPs.
> > And if the Mobius guys
> > haven't found it worth their while to port it to the Mac
> I'm waiting for 100 pre-orders.  Which times 0 would be...damn
> I knew I should have taken some business courses.  Oh I remember,
> I'm in it for the *love* :-)
> Seriously, I doubt you will see a port to the Receptor or something
> like it for a very long time.  Mobius is really only of interest
> to studio musicians and the small group of pioneers that are
> willing to use laptops live.
> Jeff