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Re: flexible looper in small package

Ah, the non-US market.  Given the currency exchange rate and Gibson's
lack of marketing for the EDP I'm not surprised that demand is slight
across the pond.

Here in the States they seem to be perpetually back ordered and used
units consistently sell on eBay for just under the new price. Demand
is certainly exceeding the supply, but since Gibson keeps production
low we'll never know how big the market is.

On 8/26/05, Ian Petersen <iep@mail.dk> wrote:
> Travis,
> > The always baffling question is why Gibson doesn't step up production
> > given the continual high demand for the EDP.
> The obvious answer is that there *isn't* a high demand for it! There
> is, perhaps, a demand that is marginally higher than the current
> supply. But I doubt it would even register a blip on Gibson's marketing
> radar.
> When I was hunting for an EDP last year I enqired about it in at least
> a dozen local music shops (almost all Gibson dealers) as well as
> several online shops in Germany, France and the UK. Most had never
> heard of the EDP. Of those who had heard of it most couldn't supply one
> even if they wanted to because the official Gibson importer *refused*
> to import EDPs due to 'lack of demand'. I ended up getting one via
> mail-order from the US after a several-month wait ...
> If there really were any kind of demand for EDPs, or loopers in
> general, you can be sure even Gibson - thick-headed as they are - would
> have EDPs in every outlet they could find.