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Re: flexible looper in small package

There's very little demand for eight stereo EDP's in a live setting,
so my question to the Mobius (and Receptor) folks is how would I have
to spend to get essentially one EDP's worth of functionality (and
stability) in that box?  I believe Mobius runs $100 right now, this
box is $1400 from Banana's, throw in a MIDI controller and with tax
and shipping you're looking at the better part of two grand, before
you put it into a rack and wire it up.  And for a $1500 box, I'd
suggest a really nice rack.  Which, I suspect is too expensive for
most people on this list.  Is there anyone reading this using
Plugzilla or anything similar?

I suspect the air gets really thin when you hit four figures on a
looper regardless of how many reverb and filter plug-ins you can also
run on it.  Going down that route (VST plugin running on rackmount VST
host) means that the end-user has to keep track of upgrades for the
host box and from the plugin manufacturer.  And if the Mobius guys
haven't found it worth their while to port it to the Mac (which has a
substantially larger installed user base than all VST rack boxes
combined), then I'm not holding my breath for any special support from
them when I find a problem that happens only on the non-PC VST host.

On 8/27/05, Art Simon <simart@gmail.com> wrote:
> I actually sold mine for _more_ than the new price (which was
> significantly more than I paid for it). I surprised both that Gibson
> isn't meeting the demand, and that software loopers like Mobius
> haven't diminished demand for the EDP. While maybe it doesn't register
> on Gibson's marketing radar, you'd think someone could make money on
> hardware loopers.
> What if Jeff were to port Mobius to the Receptor
> (http://www.museresearch.com/)? How much would people be willing to
> pay for a 2U rackmount box that was essentially 8 stereo EDPs?
> (Personally, I'm happier with software loopers, but I'm not a gigging
> musician.) Just a thought. . .