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Re: flexible looper in small package

Travis Hartnett wrote:
> There's very little demand for eight stereo EDP's in a live setting,
> so my question to the Mobius (and Receptor) folks is how would I have
> to spend to get essentially one EDP's worth of functionality (and
> stability) in that box?  I believe Mobius runs $100 right now

That's the price I charge the government.  For everyone else it's free :-)

Yes, if all you want to do is create non-overlapping monaural loops, and
you don't have any other reason to invest in a VST host or a laptop,
then Mobius makes no economic sense.

If you want stereo loops, which apparently many do, then the fair
comparison is against two brother sync'd EDPs which weigh in at $2K.

If you want more than one parallel loop, as on the Repeater, then
you're comparing against 4 EDPs, 8 if you want them in stereo.

And if you want to explore Andre territory and do surround looping,
you're looking at 5 EDPs.

> And if the Mobius guys
> haven't found it worth their while to port it to the Mac

I'm waiting for 100 pre-orders.  Which times 0 would be...damn
I knew I should have taken some business courses.  Oh I remember,
I'm in it for the *love* :-)

Seriously, I doubt you will see a port to the Receptor or something
like it for a very long time.  Mobius is really only of interest
to studio musicians and the small group of pioneers that are
willing to use laptops live.