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Re: Please don't miss this show

Yes! All the shows will be recorded . Each echoplex is recorded onto a 
separate track as is his live guitar. I have already recorded a 
show and it is really amazing sounding. We should have the multi-channel 
audio and SACD disk available this summer.
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> Just please tell me that you will find a way to record this show in 5.1 
> surround! :)
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>>Subject: Please don't miss this show
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>>Hi Everyone,
>>My name is Dominic Frasca, I am a guitarist from New York City. I have 
>>just recently opened a 5.1 surround sound club here in the city. Last 
>>I was turned onto Andre LaFosse via David Torn. I quickly became a fan 
>>what he was doing. I must admit I know absolutely nothing about looping, 
>>but I knew when I got Andre's CD I liked what I heard. So when I decided 
>>to build this space I booked Andre to come play. I gave him one 
>>which was he had to use 5 echoplexes, one for each speaker. Andre 
>>the challenge and began preparing . This week Andre arrived to start 
>>rehearsals for what would be a 3 show run here at The Monkey and the 
>>result is absolutely mind altering. I can honestly say this week has 
>>one of the most musically inspirational moments in my life. Andre has 
>>taken the guitar , expanded it and evolved it into a completely new 
>>instrument. His command not only of the guitar but also of the echoplex 
>>stunning.But it goes much deeper than just what he is able to do as an 
>>instrumentalist. He is using these instruments to create music that is 
>>original and at the same time relevant. The sound that he is creating 
>>using 5 echoplexes is really indescribable. I know I am a crasher to the 
>>loop community and I apologize for that. But if there is anyway you are 
>>able to make it to see one of his shows this weekend at the Monkey in 
>>York City, please do. It really is something special and I would  love 
>>as many people to hear this as possible because I don't know when I will 
>>be able to get 5 echoplexes and Andre in here again. So if you are 
>>interest in coming please call 212 481 1601 for reservations or you can 
>>get tickets @ www.dominicfrasca.com.
>>The shows are Friday 8:00 pm, Saturday at 8:00pm and Sunday @ 4:00 pm. 
>>space is located @ 37 w 26th st  Suite 1201.( between 6th and Bway)
>>I hope to see you there
>>thanks for your time
>>Dominic Frasca