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Re: Please don't miss this show

Dominic, et al,

I have been familiar with Andre's music since I attended
his senior recital at Cal Arts almost a decade or more ago
(gosh time flies). God strike me dead if his playing and
general concept wasn't as stunning (and very nearly as
advanced) then as it is now. I have learned a lot more
from 30 minutes watching the guy than he'll ever know.

He's brilliant -- and if you're anywhere within 250 miles
of this gig you really owe it to yourself to go. I'm up in Oregon
and am sorely, sorely tempted to cash in my frequent flyer
miles on this one (the wife would kill me though, as we've
got summer vacation plans for those tickets).

Seriously! Get your buns there if it is at all possible. You'll be
telling your grandkids about it someday. Think you're a looper?
Go see the master of the craft.

Best regards,

tEd kiLLiAn

"Different is not always better, but better is always different"


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