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Re: USB interface help

At 07:29 PM 2/21/2005, Devin Smith wrote:
>Sorry to revisit this subject, as I know it was a bit of a thread not too 
>long ago, but I just bought a Tascam US-122 audio/midi interface for use 
>with my Dell laptop (circa 3 years ago). I am getting some annoying 
>skipping in the data stream when listening to CD's and wav files, and I 
>was wondering if anyone had any guess why that might be.

Don't remember if I mentioned this when the thread came up previously, but 
head over to the mailing lists at Yahoo Groups 
and search through the archives for the Laptop Mozart group.  A year or 
back, there was a bug discussion that came up specific to Dell laptops and 
USB audio.  If I remember correctly, I think the circuit configuration for 
Dell's power supplies on their laptops was allowing current to bleed out 
through the USB ports.  Usually, this resulted in pops, crackles, and 
in the audio stream, but I could see something like this translating into 
dropouts if the US-122 has a lot of buffering and/ocircuit protection 
into it.

For that particular problem, there was never a solution found (swapping 
wall warts, for instance, didn't work).  Finally, it was just concluded 
that Dell laptops from that period were simply unusable for audio.

I'm not saying that this is the problem you've got, but it's worth 


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