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USB interface help

Sorry to revisit this subject, as I know it was a bit of a thread not too long ago, but I just bought a Tascam US-122 audio/midi interface for use with my Dell laptop (circa 3 years ago). I am getting some annoying skipping in the data stream when listening to CD's and wav files, and I was wondering if anyone had any guess why that might be.
The PC is 900 mHz, 128 megs of ram, I've got a gig and a half free. I don't know if I have the original USB ports or the newer ones. I noticed someone made mention that the old ones were pretty slow. It seems to me that either I don't have enough ram or the USB ports are too slow. How would I go about finding out?
If it skips when playing a wav file off of the hard drive, then I can only imagine what will happen when I'm trying to record audio and use the midi interface at the same time.
Any hot tips?

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