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Mobius beta 2

A new version of Mobius has been uploaded that fixes
a number of bugs, thank you testers!  The following
features have been added:

   - a pan knob in the track strip
   - an "input lock" option that allows you to send
     audio and functions to more than one track
   - preliminary support for Sync=Out

The following bugs have been fixed:

   - crash using the Overdub function in a Reset loop
   - MuteMode=Start not performing a retrigger when leaving mute
   - parameter names in scripts not case insensitive
   - Undo not working as a switch confirmation action
   - Global Mute not implemented
   - Deleting a sample or script crashes
   - After using Mute, then Retrigger, loop starts playing but the
     display still says "Mute"