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RE: ending ambient pieces when playing LIVE shows

1. Start playing a long drawn note before killing the loop
   and let that ring out or even play some ending musical gesture.

2. Reduce Feedback. This can be tricky,
   because depending on the length of your loop this can take a while to
kick in.
   Say, if your loop is 10 s, then whatever value you set the feedback to,
   it will take 10 s before you hear the decrease.
   Also, it's worth paying attention not to turn down the feedback too
   as this will be audible as jumps. So you don't get a fade but rather
   a decrease in discrete steps at a peroid equal to your loop's length.
   I've learnt it the hard way by ruining an otherwise ok recording. I 
   by interpolating smoothly between the jumps in an audio editor which was


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> Subject: ending ambient pieces when playing LIVE shows
> I'm curious to hear ideas and techniques people have used (or
> stopped using)
> to end an ambient piece of music at a live show.