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Re: Heads up, new PayPal spoof...

For those who are concerned about such things, there is a wonderful
extension available for the Firefox browser call "SpoofStick" that
gives you a status bar indicating the actual domain name you are
viewing. For example, if a page claims to be PayPal.com, but is in
fact Phishers-R-Us.com, the SpoofStick will show the Phishers...
address even if the page is programmed to spoof the location bar. It's
a nice bit of added protection, especially for days when your
'bullshit detector' is on vacation or otherwise impaired.

You can find Firefox and SpoofStick (along with many other extensions)
at mozilla.org.


Jon Southwood

On Sun, 20 Feb 2005 16:44:20 -0800, Richard Zvonar <zvonar@zvonar.com> 
> At 11:35 AM -0800 2/20/05, S V G wrote:
> >      Just a quick heads up to everyone out there who uses PayPal.
> >There's a new spoof going around
> I get several of these per day and have been since the beginning of
> the year.  I automatically forward any such messages to
> <spoof@paypal.com>. I get similar messages posing as eBay and Citi
> Card security notices. They're all bogus.
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