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Re: SooperLooper (System requirements)

On Fri, 18 Feb 2005 17:52:35 +0100, Jan A Johnsen <jan@igmbergen.no> wrote:
> I found the error : )
> When I saw your command lines to be typed in the terminal folder I 
> something. I made a folder in my App folder called: Sooperlooper.
> When I removed the app from this folder started Jack and then 
> Everything worked as on my G4. Fantastic.
> I guess my needs to keep my workspace organized got in the way for me.
> I wanted to keep SooperLooper in a folder with the presets ant txt.files.
> So my problem was that I made a folder within the Applications folder and
> moved SooperLooper into it.
> By moving SooperLooper out the folder and just let if float in the
> applicationsfolder made it work.

This really shouldn't be causing a problem.  Others have successfully
started it when it sits in a subfolder, *but* if there are any spaces
in a folder name in the path it won't work properly (that is a bug to
be fixed).  I will check it out soon.
> In the future, will it be possible to add a new loop without going into 
> for routing? If Im working on a loop and I want anotherone I add one, no
> sweat : ) when im routing/patching in JACK I get these clicking noises 
> the routing gets activated. It does not get picked up in the loop, its 
> some noise that should not be there,I guess.

Yes, the current version of jack can interrupt the audio stream when
patching connections together.  A future version is being tested that
solves that problem.   Currently, for flexibility each loop gets its
own ports, so you could route completely different sources/dests
independently for each loop.  Sometimes, that much flexibility is too
much, as you've discovered.  Would you like to see an option in SL to
always use the same input and output ports for every loop?

> Will a Audio Unit version be tagged to JACK? or would it be "standalone" 
> without the need of JACK to run?

The AU plugin version would not use JACK, it would be just like any
other plugin.  However, some of the features of the standalone app
will be lost, and it will likely just support a single loop per plugin

> Fantastic, and again I really like the GUI : )

Thanks for the feedback!