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Re: SooperLooper (System requirements)

On 18-02-05 18:10, "Jesse Chappell" <essejlc@gmail.com> wrote:

> On Fri, 18 Feb 2005 17:52:35 +0100, Jan A Johnsen <jan@igmbergen.no> 
>> I found the error : )
>> When I saw your command lines to be typed in the terminal folder I 
>> something. I made a folder in my App folder called: Sooperlooper.
>> When I removed the app from this folder started Jack and then 
>> Everything worked as on my G4. Fantastic.
>> I guess my needs to keep my workspace organized got in the way for me.
>> I wanted to keep SooperLooper in a folder with the presets ant 
>> So my problem was that I made a folder within the Applications folder 
>> moved SooperLooper into it.
>> By moving SooperLooper out the folder and just let if float in the
>> applicationsfolder made it work.
> This really shouldn't be causing a problem.  Others have successfully
> started it when it sits in a subfolder, *but* if there are any spaces
> in a folder name in the path it won't work properly (that is a bug to
> be fixed).  I will check it out soon.

Yes, there was a space in the start like this <space>Sooperlooper
Now why would I do that, well my app folder is crowded and I just wanted SL
to be on top of the list when ever I opened the App folder.

>> In the future, will it be possible to add a new loop without going into 
>> for routing? If Im working on a loop and I want anotherone I add one, no
>> sweat : ) when im routing/patching in JACK I get these clicking noises 
>> the routing gets activated. It does not get picked up in the loop, its 
>> some noise that should not be there,I guess.
> Yes, the current version of jack can interrupt the audio stream when
> patching connections together.  A future version is being tested that
> solves that problem.   Currently, for flexibility each loop gets its
> own ports, so you could route completely different sources/dests
> independently for each loop.  Sometimes, that much flexibility is too
> much, as you've discovered.  Would you like to see an option in SL to
> always use the same input and output ports for every loop?

To me that sounds like a good idea, and I would use that a lot.
For now im running my laptop trough one of the FX loops on my amp
And I really donšt need any other input output options for this setup.

>> Will a Audio Unit version be tagged to JACK? or would it be 
>"standalone" as
>> without the need of JACK to run?
> The AU plugin version would not use JACK, it would be just like any
> other plugin.  However, some of the features of the standalone app
> will be lost, and it will likely just support a single loop per plugin
> instance.
>> Fantastic, and again I really like the GUI : )
> Thanks for the feedback!
> jlc