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Re: SooperLooper (System requirements)

On Fri, 18 Feb 2005 15:20:23 +0100, Jan A Johnsen <jan@igmbergen.no> wrote:

> Im using Jack already, 0.6 version and it works on my G3 but it does not
> "see" SooperLooper. To upgrade sounded like a good idea, but im afraid 
> building the application and Terminal stuff is beyond my level of user
> friendly approach to OsX. Since Compiling out of CSV means nothing to 
>me, I
> guess I need some help here. Anyone?

OK, to help me solve the problem I'll need you to open a Terminal. 
First, start JACK with JackPilot.  Assuming you installed the
SooperLooper in your Applications folder, do the following commands
(pressing enter after each line, and don't type the $ which represents
the prompt):

$ cd /Applications
$ ./SooperLooper.app/Contents/MacOS/slgui

You will see the gui come up, and you should see some error message
that will tell me something useful. Email me all the text output from
that, if you could.

> How do I go about installing the newest version of JACK on my MAC?

Assuming you downloaded and installed the 0.6 package from the link on
sooperlooper's site, you should be fine there.  The official jackosx
0.6 release will probably be next week and at that time i will direct
users to their official website.