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Re: Alesis Akira/Grip and Sub-Bass (was RE: Ineko for sale?)

On Tue, Feb 08, 2005 at 11:52:48AM -0700, Krispen Hartung wrote:

> I love the sub-bass patch on the Akira, however....it is so much
> different than a traditional octave effect....very smooth, deep, and
> non-descript.  It's kind of hard to tell whether it is dropping an
> octave or two lower.  The Akira does have some decent control of the
> effect in its parameters as well: sub-base level (like mix), multi-band
> limiter threshold (adds sustain), and low cut (determines which
> frequency to add the sub-bass effect)
        Interesting. I've got an ineko on the way, and I love
various sub bass type effects. Shaking everything in the room
at live shows is always fun. 

        One of my favorite live moments was hitting some
low notes on a stick->danelectro octave (chillidog) -> moogerfooger low
pass filter -> dod meatbox[1] and having all the hanging lights
in the room shaking. 

        Now if I only had about 20x as much amplification, then
I could have some real fun ;->

[1] Talk about sub bass, those things are out of control.
A must have for a serious noise rig.