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Alesis Akira/Grip and Sub-Bass (was RE: Ineko for sale?)

At 08:43 AM 2/8/2005, Krispen Hartung wrote:
>Speaking of sub-sonics, the Akira has a sub-bass patch that I use for
>bass simulation....but is is savage and almost impossible to controll.
>If I put it before any effect, it redlines it, if I put it after, it
>redlines the board, just by applying the super low frequencies.  It is a
>wonderful sound, and the last I used it live, I was able to really move
>the earth, even with my acoustic guitar.  Basically, I'm going to
>dedicate one of my compressors just to the output of this unit.


Have you looked at the Alesis Grip?  I haven't played with one myself, but 
in looking through the manual it seems to be a dedicated unit built solely 
around the same sub-bass algorithm as the Akira.  It does have quite a bit 
more controllability, however.  Might be worth checking out if you're not 
so crazy about dedicating your Akira plus one of your compressors solely 
managing your bass frequencies.


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