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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V05 #76

At 00:52 08/02/05, you wrote:
>Hi Andy
>Thank you!
>With your hint about SamplerStyle=Att I found it in the manual p. 9-27:
>    If you do a long-press of the NoteOn trigger for the current loop,
>    the loop will be Reset. This is not the case when SamplerStyle=Att.
>    In that case the currently loop is just retriggered and played as
>    normal for SamplerStyle=Att."
>I hadn't found it, because I only scanned the manual for the search term
>But now you've opened the can of worms... on page 9-26:
>   If the current loop is in reset, and you double-click the NoteOn
>   trigger for the current loop, the Echoplex will start Record.
>I did not get this behaviour (though I'd love to have it)! Double-clicking
>NoteOn does nothing. I tried by sending the corresponding NoteOff and
>without sending the NoteOffs but to no avail.
>How about you?

Works here OK with my default settings.
But not with every setup.

I'll look into it more and report back.

For multiple loops I've been using Autorecord=On
..but this offers more flexibility