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Re: Matching overdub volumes on RC-20XL

Hey Bob, thanks!  I'll make a note on the web page
about recording enough bars of empty space before
laying down your "first" loop.   I've been off the
Looper's Delight list for a while, so sorry for the

As for my signal path, the guitar signal just goes
straight from my guitar preamp into the RC-20XL box
(and nowhere else), and the output from the box goes
into the input on my amp.  That's all.  The problem I
described -- e.g. not being able to overdub things on
top of the "factory preset" tracks at a non-negligible
volume -- happens with either the guitar input or the
mic input.

In fact, I scared myself into thinking I might have
fried something, because I tried turning my guitar
preamp ALL THE WAY UP, and the RC-20XL's guitar input
knob ALL THE WAY UP, in hopes of getting a really high
volume into the overdubbed mix... I didn't get the
overdubbed volume I wanted (again), but I DID get
feedback out the wazoo and for several seconds it
seemed like the RC20XL wouldn't respond... But then
everything seemed back to normal.  (...Maybe I dreamed
it.)   Anyway, the "hot signal in" method still didn't

I'll try to give Roland USA a call and see if I can
talk to a real live person about this.  I'll let you
know what I hear.


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