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Re: Matching overdub volumes on RC-20XL

In a message dated 10/21/04 8:36:35 AM, mcskwayrd@yahoo.com writes:

<< Rather I'm
finding that the volume of the overdubbed part (which
gets added to the loop, and is then controlled by the
left knob) is too low compared to the rest of the
stuff already in the loop >>


Did I miss a description of your signal chain?
Are you running the guitar straight into the RC20 or routing it through a 
mixer first?

I often found the opposite on the old RC20, the overdub would often be too 
loud relative to the base loop.

I nearly always put a preamp before the RC20.
Your amp may be reading the signal passing through but the RC20 may need a 
bit of help.
And for the heck of it, run the cable into the mic jack and compare 
Also perhaps worth trying, if your amp has an fx send/return loop you 
insert the RC20 there and check the result.
Hopefully there  will be a way to tell if there is some problem with that 
particular unit.

I liked your review, very thorough and thoughtful. 
As mentioned on the List before, if you are working in preset measures you 
can establish an empty loop of the appropriate # of bars then overdub onto 
empty loop, then you will be able to undo back to the empty phrase.
Great point about a headphone jack!