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Live bass looping in a power-trio lineup

I am currently in two bands with the same drummer but different guitarists.
One of the bands, (unpronounceable), includes extensive live looping of my 
and 9-string basses. I've posted a couple of mp3's at:

There's not much of a site there now. There are two songs that we recorded
last week. They turned out okay so we decided to try to use them for a 
They're kinda long so I posted a couple of preview versions too. There are
some issues here and there because we didn't originally intend to release
these so we were taking more chances than we might for a serious recording.
I think that's part of the charm of these versions. You'll hear what I mean
when you get to the reversed, half-speed, and double-speed dubs in
DarkMatter. :-)

The bass is extensively looped with an echoplex so you'll hear several
basses playing at once in many places so it may sound like there are
multiple basses or multiple guitars. There are no overdubs. There were a
couple of points where we stopped and restarted but these were played to a
click (for synchronization with the echoplex) so the edits aren't obvious.

These were recorded in our rehearsal studio with a PC and a 16-track 
recording setup. No effects were added to the mixdown except for some

Hope you like them.

- Dave