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Re: Review of Boss RC-20XL (+ OT Chameleon)

>  Have you heard whether one can upgrade
> from an RC-20 to the XL model?

No, that's not possible - well, they are not offering it as an option 

>       2. The foot pedals have too much travel and require too much 
> making it harder to simply tap in perfect rhythm. The Boomerang makers
> thought that out much better - their buttons are very sensitive and 
> can be
> tapped seamlessly as part of a normal "tapping of the foot" movement.
I think I read that a Looper had taken his machine apart and cut the 
spring in half in order to make this easier

I agree it is quite an audible STOMP to start and stop at the moment

My RC20XL has unleashed a lot of creativity and joy - for the money I 
think it's a great machine

One day I'm hoping the Echoplex will arrive in my life...but even then 
I can imagine still using the RC20XL for its portability

Talking of which is there any possible truth to a rumour that one day 
Echoplex-type software may be available as a skin for this Chameleon?