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Re: Eivind Aarset

On Sep 28, 2004, at 1:34, Tim Nelson wrote:

> However, I did just find this:
> <http://www.nordische-musik.de/artikel/aarset.php#equipment>
> (Scroll way down for the equipment list)
> My German is not so good, but it looks like apart from
> his trusty DD5, the looping part of his rig is Line6
> (DL4 or EchoPro?) and a Repeater connected via a
> Mackie mixer.

Thanks for that link! Getting bookmarked here :-)

> That's funny, Per, that you were recently compared to
> Aarset by a Norwegian; so was I! (By a trumpeter from
> Oslo who himself always gets compared to Nils Petter
> Molvaer, although he says they sound nothing alike!)

Yes, it's funny how odd comparisons ppl can come up with! As for myself 
I sometimes get the strangest first impressions of some new music and 
later on I just can't understand how I could hear it "as such".

> Like you, I also use a cello bow on guitar sometimes;

Yes. That's an easy way to get a warmer sound ;-)  I like using 
"physical" effects as much as possible and loop the real sound, as an 
alternative to using electronic effects. Have you tried any other sized 
bow for guitar? I went for the cello bow right away and never actually 
tried a different model.

For that "rich and warm low sound" I also like to use a tenor sax. Sax 
is, like playing guitar with a bow, a monophonic instrument and as such 
it makes a lot of fun to loop, building layers for chords and trying to 
chop them up for beats or to get some kind of LFO filter to move them. 
A lot of looping guitarists seem to like using the e-bow. I think that 
too makes you monophonic, right?

> do you also get the inevitable Sigur Rós comparisons?
> :P

Noop, not yet. But I like them a lot (cool vocals). I try to also bring 
the sax as much as possible and maybe some think "it's jazz" when they 
see that instrument, getting instantly flpped out of that Sigur Rós 
mode ;-)

- per