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Re: PK-5 as MIDI controller for loop set up (was MidiMate vs All access)

> I was interested in one of these too, but abandoned it because there 
> were no good online docs.
> Can the switches above the keyboard pedals be programmed to send 
> control changes?

I think the actual pedals can.  Not sure because of the same reason you 
asserted, no good online docs.
> From the little I read, it sounded like you can make it send messages 
> on all channels,
> but you have to bend down and twiddle a channel selection knob.
I'm thinking the Roland PK5 and 7 may.  Online docs are the key.  I'm 
sniffing this out.

> There didn't seem
> to be anything like "presets" where you can save different 
> pedal/channel/controller configurations
> and call them up with your feet.   I did see that it can send program 
> changes but not bank select.

I think that may be the case.

Do you know anything about the Yamaha MPC-10?  Seems like it will send 
100 control changes.  That's a lot but I am suspicious.
I downloaded the manual at Yamaha.  It seems like it's 3 categories of 
control messages so probably 10 that are usable for the EDP.  I called, 
no response yet.

> Thanks,
> Jeff
Larry Cooperman
New Millennium Guitar