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Re: Eivind Aarset

--- Per Boysen <per@boysen.se> wrote:
>Have you tried any other sized bow for guitar?

As probably a lot of us have, I pretty much destroyed
a cheap violin bow many years ago doing the Jimmy Page
thing. I find the cello bow's length to be better for
the way I bow, and it does seem to be a bit sturdier.
An important difference, though, is that I modified a
guitar (a cheap Epiphone Les Paul Junior bolt-neck)
specifically for bowing: to save the horsehair and to
get that cello vibe, I use heavy flatwounds on it (the
bottom 6 of a 7-string set, tuned down in a variety of
modal tunings), and removed some wood with a belt
sander to allow better bow access to the outside
strings. I had to raise the bridge up all the way and
shim the neck; I can't bow my Strats at all, they're
way too flat for me. It's sort of a work in progress;
I'm chip-carving the top with Old Norse knot/animal
art and I'll probably add a neck pickup at some point.
I'll probably put on a trapeze tailpiece, since the
bridge height now puts a lot of strain on the posts.
It all started as an attempt to build an electric
hardanger arpeggione (radically arched frets/bridge
with drone strings underneath the frets like a sitar),
which I gave up on when I couldn't get the compound
fret radius right.

Keeps the rosin off my regular guitars :)

> A lot of looping guitarists seem to like using the
> e-bow. I think that too makes you monophonic, right?

Yeah, I use an eBow, but I find it to be a very
different animal from a real bow. I like to use it in
two basic ways: one is to layer long sustained single
notes that fade in and out of a chordal loop at
different points. The other is to use it for snakey
single-note/single string stuff on top of a chordal


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