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Re: Eivind Aarset

Tack s mycket, Per och Monica,

Oddly, my 'Connected' booklet doesn't have an
equipment list; it does credit all the musicians by
instrument for each track, but the description of
Aarset's gear gets no more descriptive than

However, I did just find this:
(Scroll way down for the equipment list)

My German is not so good, but it looks like apart from
his trusty DD5, the looping part of his rig is Line6
(DL4 or EchoPro?) and a Repeater connected via a
Mackie mixer.

That's funny, Per, that you were recently compared to
Aarset by a Norwegian; so was I! (By a trumpeter from
Oslo who himself always gets compared to Nils Petter
Molvaer, although he says they sound nothing alike!)

Like you, I also use a cello bow on guitar sometimes;
do you also get the inevitable Sigur Rs comparisons?


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